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Janet Jackson
I Desire You

Price: CHF 150.-


Open Your Personal I Desire You Account!
(Find someone to call your Special Friend and open your account.)
Special Friend: Janet Jackson.

What do you get:
1 Personal Account at IDesireYou.com
Your Personal Account will include:
1.) your Account's name and your real name 2.) your profile picture, 3) your date of birth, 4.) your citizenship,
5.) a concise description of you and your occupation, 6.) a link to your official website or your social network page.
A "Special Friend" link to the Account of Janet Jackson
(who invited you to open your Account at IDesireYou.com)

This item is not refundable.

(www.idesireyou.com/janet-jackson) Special Friend: Janet Jackson

Application Conditions:
Your Account is Personal (only you can open your personal account)
You must be 1) a person (not a company), 2) at least 18 years old (if you are under the age of 18, you need your parents' permission), 3) willing and legally entitled to open your personal account at IDesireYou.com.
After your application, the IDesireYou.com team will open and manage your personal account.
Your account's updates (changes of: your profile picture, information, website link, or other) will be charged 50.- CHF each time.

The 66,7% (100.- CHF) of the application fee of your I Desire You Account will be given to: Janet Jackson
(the person who invited you to open your personal account at IDesireYou.com) by Achille Zibi.
The remaining 33,3% (50.- CHF) of the application fee of your I Desire You Account will be solely administered
by Achille Zibi and accounted by ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE as operating profit.

All the details about the payment process of your Bonus (your earnings for inviting people to open their personal accounts at IDesireYou.com) will be given to you by the IDesireYou.com team after your application.

Your Personal Account at IDesireYou.com/Accounts, the use of the Internet or this website for communication with the Company or any individual member of the Company, does not establish a celebrity-customer relationship.

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