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Bill Gates
5Player$ Business Card

Price: CHF 550.-

*The Exclusive 5Player$ Club is an Exclusive Business Club.*
.. Find 5Player$ .. You Are Rich!

Support Bill Gates and Team Bill Gates by joining
The Exclusive 5Player$ Club - #TeamBillGates!

(Mr Bill Gates approves this Achille Zibi's initiative.)

Buy Your 5Player$ Business Card

What do you get:
1.) 1 year subscription to The Exclusive 5Player$ Club - #TeamBillGates
2.) Your personal 5Player$ Club Account
3.) Your personal 5P-ID
4.) Your name and your personal information will be kept private and not pubblicly revealed
(Only Bill Gates and other 5Player$ members will know that you've joined The Exclusive 5Player$ Club - #TeamBillGates)
5.) You will have access to more detailed information regarding The Exclusive 5Player$ Club
6.) You will have access and the right to enjoy many 5Player$ Club's members only events and activities
7.) You will earn a bonus of 100.- CHF every time a new member joins The Exclusive 5Player$ Club
indicating your name, your last name and your 5P-ID as her/his 5Player$ Promoter

To join The Exclusive 5Player$ Club you must be at least 18 years old
and legally entitled to work in your jurisdiction.

This item is not refundable.


BILLGATESANDFRIENDS.COM is a company founded by Achille Zibi and nobody else.
A website created and designed by Achille Zibi and dedicated to Bill Gates.
Purchasing your 5Player$ Business Card - #TeamBillGates you support Bill Gates and Achille Zibi's work, and the Team that Achille Zibi is building to maintain and improve BILLGATESANDFRIENDS.COM.

From every 5Player$ Business Card - #TeamBillGates sold:
100.- CHF will be given to Mr William Henry Gates III by Achille Zibi.
100.- CHF will be given to Team Bill Gates at BILLGATESANDFRIENDS.COM.
100.- CHF will be given to the 5Player$ member who is introducing the new member to The Exclusive 5Player$ Club.
250.- CHF will be for The Exclusive 5Player$ Club and accounted by ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE as operating profit.

The subscription to The Exclusive 5Player$ Club - #TeamBillGates, the use of the Internet or this website for communication with the Company or any individual member of the Company, does not establish a celebrity-customer relationship.

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