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Who We Are:
As a division of ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE, Cruccio is a fashion company located in Bern, Switzerland.

Mr. Achille Zibi is independent from any alliance or cooperation agreement with third parties.

Important Legal Information:

ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE is a Swiss company and is subject to Swiss and international law.
We refer in particular to the Swiss Civil Code, the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Swiss Criminal Code.

Mr. Achille Zibi and his business partners involved in any ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE's Company are acting in Good Faith and in accordance of a Mutual Expression of Intent.

The ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE's Companies are not sponsored, endorsed, issued, sold or promoted
by The Swiss Confederation or any other government.

All contents on this website are copyright protected. Real Intellectual Property © - Achille Zibi.
The use of copyrighted material (audio, images or videos) is done for a limited and transformative purpose:
Fair Use "to promote the progress of science and useful arts.".

What We Do:
Cruccio produces Cruccio's products.
Via Cruccio.com we sell the goods and the services of ACHILLE ZIBI ENTERPRISE.

Achille Zibi - Founder & Chairman

I had my products. I needed a great store to sell my products online. I came out with Cruccio; which is pretty glamorous.

Why the name Cruccio ?
My first girlfriend, Giovanna (a beautiful Italian girl I was dating when I was 14 years old), used to say: "Mi è rimasto il cruccio!" ..when there was something she longed and missed. Since then, I always liked the name .. Cruccio.

Achille Zibi is the Sole Owner of Cruccio (Achille Zibi owns the 100% of The Cruccio Company).

Founded in 2016 by Achille Zibi.